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Care Net Puget Sound

Care Net of the Puget Sound helps those facing unplanned pregnancies; helps teens and young adults make choices about sexual integrity; helps individuals seeking support for pregnancy loss and abortion recovery.

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Saturate the Sound

Unifying the Puget Sound Church to Make Disciples

Saturate the Sound exists to unify the Puget Sound church by bringing local pastors and ministry leaders together to build relationships, promote ministry health, and learn together.

Hope Church is a founding member of the Tacoma cohort.

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School of Urban Ministry

The School of Urban Ministry exists for the purpose of serving the body of Christ by providing a biblical and experiential education in an urban context.

As urban centers continue to be the fastest growing segment of the world’s population base, the need for a Christ centered and strategic approach to ministry becomes increasingly important.  To do this, we must set aside secondary differences and take up the mantle of co-laboring with other like-minded ministries.  It is this multifaceted picture that the student will be viewing as we “do the work of the ministry” with partner organizations and churches participating in this educational process.

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Marv and Delores Cole

Sent to Serve Ministries, Inc.

Marv and Delores moved to Yakima in June of 1986 to assist the American Missionary Fellowship in their Hispanic outreach in the Yakima Valley. This eventually led them into jail ministry and for the past 22 years Marv has been the Administrative Chaplain for the Yakima County Department of Corrections in the County Jail. Until recently, they have been active in the West Side Church, and are currently assisting a rural church in the area.  In the year 2000, due to AMF’s age restriction, the Coles connected with Sent To Serve Ministries, Inc. to continue what they have been doing all of these years. 

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Doug and Maribeth Steward

Luis Palau Association

Doug joined the Luis Palau Association in 1979 and serves as the vice president of communications and as executive producer.  His responsibilities include overseeing the production of 3 daily radio programs (2 in Spanish and one in English) and video production to support outreach efforts and an occasional TV special. He also helps with the live festival production (staging, sound, TV screens and streaming the festival on the internet) along with the program content of our evangelistic festivals.


For more information go to

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Steve and Kathy Crawford

International Network for Leadership Development 

Steve and Cathy serve with International Network for Leadership Development (Crossroads Bible Church, Bellevue, WA) as church planters in the city of Ponferrada, northern Spain.  They have also initiated a new work in the city of Astorga. Previous to Spain they served 8 years in Honduras with Camino Global.


Their three children (Christy, Peter, and Rebekah) grew up on the mission field and now reside in Tyler TX, Fredericksburg VA, and Cleveland OH respectively. 



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Gary and Esperanza Williams

Avant Ministries

Gary ministers at SETECA (Central American Theological Seminary) in Guatemala City, teaching Bible (for 39 years) to undergrads and grad students, and editing the 140-page twice-yearly theological journal Kairós (now in its 27th year). Esperanza is from Colombia. Her ministry focuses on evangelism and discipleship. She leads two weekly Bible studies attended mostly by Catholics, and directs Club 3:16, a monthly evangelistic ministry to the poor in our neighborhood.


For more information, go to: and Club 3:16 on Facebook. 

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Marty and Jeanette Windle

Bible Centered Ministries International (BCM) 

Marty and Jeanette are currently serving with Bible Centered Ministries International (

For more information about Jeanette go to


For more information about the Windles' ministry go to:

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Dick and Sue Steward

World Indigenous Missions (WIM) 

Dick and Sue are currently serving with World Indigenous Missions.  They live in Spain and are engaged in caring for missionaries serving in various countries.


For more information go to

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