A Heart for the Kingdom

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

A friend and mentor of mine, Jeff Rogers, has a term for the way we should be looking at things. He refers to it as “Big K kingdom thinking.” Big K kingdom thinking is the earnest, heartfelt desire for all to be saved. And it involves all the churches in the community working together to see that happen. It is this desire, which is in fact the incredible grief that Paul expresses in Romans 9:2-5. He so deeply desires that those of the nation of Israel who are lost come to a saving belief in Christ that he would be willing to take their place in hell if it would lead to their salvation. The fact that this substitution could never take place does not deter Paul in the slightest in terms of his zeal for the salvation of his people. Do we see it the same way? Do we so desire for the salvation of everyone we come into contact with that we want them saved, and then we want them in church? We don’t care if it is our church, we just want them in church. Of course we want them in a Bible believing fellowship where the Word of God is faithfully preached and they are being encouraged to grow in their relationship with Christ on a daily basis. But does it really matter if that church is our church?

But what we tend to find is “Little K kingdom thinking.” It is the same as “zero sum game thinking.” What “zero sum game thinking” can be summarized as is “I win, you lose.” It’s common thinking in the business world. And what it means in the church world is that if someone is saved, and they go to somebody else’s church, then they win, and I lose. Their congregation grew, and mine stayed the same. We see this with stadium events, conferences, and major outreach events. If a church in town holds a big event, and I support it, and a bunch of people are saved, and they end up attending the sponsoring church and not mine, then my efforts to support the event were really a failure. Really? Is it all about numbers? Or is it about salvation? If we are Big K kingdom thinkers, as we should be, then we should be rejoicing the fact that people have come to accept Jesus Christ. If I am grieving for the lost, then all that matters is that somebody came to Christ.

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