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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

In the past, I drove a great deal for the consulting work I was doing, and as a result of all that time in the car, I discovered podcasts. Podcasts are a fantastic way to listen to sermons from well-known preachers, and to get some absolutely wonderful teaching on the Bible.

Podcasts can be accessed via the Apple iTunes store, or through Google Play. There are also a couple of “apps” that can be downloaded, which basically provide “one stop shopping” for Christian podcasts. One example is an app called “Faithplay” which can also be accessed through iTunes or Google Play. While these apps can be a great resource in getting started, I prefer to select my own podcast list, and I have to tell you that the current list of podcasts I listen to changes on a fairly regular basis.

Here, in no particular order, is a partial list of the podcasts I am currently subscribe to:

“Truth For Life Broadcasts” Alistair Begg: This really is one of my favorites. I love Alistair Begg and his teaching/preaching style. These are basically the Truth For Life radio messages in Podcast form.

“The Table Podcast” Dallas Theological Seminary. These are roundtable discussions on current issues we all face as Christians. This is a really good resource for dealing with contemporary issues. They can get pretty deep, but they are a very good discussion.

“Brooklyn Tabernacle Sermon Podcast” Pastor Jim Cymbala. What’s not to like? Pastor Jim delivers short, to the point messages on the issues of faith and the Christian life.

“The Bible Project” The Bible Project. This is a resource that is relatively new to me, but I absolutely love it! This is a great overview of the books and topics of the Bible.

“Exploring My Strange Bible” The Bible Project. Don’t let the title fool you. There is nothing goofy here, just really fantastic content. This is another resource from the Bible Project, and gives a little bit deeper dive into the Bible.

“Lifeschool Podcast” Caesar Kalinowski. Caesar is a local guy with a focus on how the good news of the gospel, and our Christian faith, can be interwoven into every area of our lives. These are relatively short messages that are really relevant.

“The Gospel Coalition” The Gospel Coalition. This is another roundtable type discussion, and again, it can get pretty deep. But it is a great way to find out what a group of folks who are sound theologically are thinking about issues facing us both societally and spiritually.

“Eternal Leadership” John Ramstead & Steve Reiter. John and Steve are both friends, and I have appeared on this podcast, but that being said, it’s very easy to recommend  Eternal Leadership because this is one of the best podcasts out there on the issues facing Christian leaders in the marketplace. Every episode is packed with really good stuff.

iTunes U: Or, iTunes University. While technically not podcasts, you can access any number of programs or seminary courses, most in video format. Dallas Theological Seminary and Liberty University both have a number of courses that are available for free.

So there is my list of some of the podcasts that I am listening to, and that I recommend.

If there is a pastor or speaker you are interested in listening to, just do a search for them in iTunes or Google Play and I can virtually guarantee you that they either have their own podcast, or have been a guest on somebody else’s podcast. Poke around a bit, explore what’s out there, and I’m sure you will be blessed by what you find. You have to be careful and discerning in terms of what you are listening to, but there is a ton of really good content out there!

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