When a Leader Falls

What should our reaction be when a leader takes a fall? What about when it’s a spiritual leader in our community? What if his church is bigger, in fact much bigger, than ours?  I will tell you what my reaction is: sadness, bordering on grief. I just do not understand the glee and self-satisfaction some express privately when someone else takes a fall. It’s just wrong.

One after another, leaders in our community, and in our country, have fallen. And rather than rushing to judge these people, why are we not praying for them? I have fallen in the past. And my fall was totally of my own making. And there were certainly those who judged me in that moment. But there were also those who came by my side, lifted me up, and let me know that the sun would in fact come up tomorrow. And they prayed for me and with me. And they walked with me through the process of restoration. It was not a process of excuse or justification, it never should be. Rather, it was a process of healing and redemption.

I am the husband of my wife, and the father of my daughter. And I have absolutely no respect for anyone who uses or abuses women in our society. The time for that kind of behavior is long over. But what grieves me the most is when a leader in the church, or in our community succumbs to the bait that the enemy has laid out before them. When sin leads to destruction. And the destruction that has resulted from their actions impacts everyone around them. There is damage, and there is wounding. But that damage and wounding will never be healed via a spirit of condemnation.

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