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Marketplace Fellowship

Succeeding in business is tough.

Marketplace Fellowship is about helping Christians build their businesses based upon Christian principles that will bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


You and I are challenged every day to conform to the expectations of a secular world and many times we believe we are standing alone in that battle. Marketplace Fellowship brings fellow believers together with the shared desire of building and maintaining Biblically based businesses to advance the Kingdom.  We do this together through roundtable groups, and by “Business by the Book” seminars and workshops.

Through Marketplace Fellowship, you will learn how to build your company/organization on proven Biblical principles and practices, and how to integrate your faith in the way you interact with employees, customers, vendors, and competitors.


If you’d like more information, just click on the “Contact Us” link below – we would love to have you join us on this journey!

“I joined Marketplace Fellowship about 7 years ago as a business owner.  I was so busy trying to keep up with running my business.  My biggest hurdle was committing the time to join as each hour of my day was so, so busy.  Just being around other business owners that I could bring my struggles to was amazing, but even more amazing was implementing the changes and seeing the effect over time.  Not to mention the Christian fellowship and dynamic discussions, asking questions, pressing in, helping others and new friendships.  Every business owner should join a group such as this for their own benefit and for the benefit of those in the group.  Highly recommended!”  

Steve Kruyswijk
Whatcom Lawns, Inc.
Best of Lynden 2013 and 2015-2020
Best of the Northwest Gold Medal Winner 2

"With Marketplace Fellowship, I regain perspective over two hours each month with a 'trusted group of advisors' led by Eric—entrepreneurial people, exemplary in marketplace and ministry, walking through challenges together and celebrating success along the way. Instead of walking alone, we aim to be sharpened while helping each other win—with abundant results."

Raphael Neff
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